Sealcoating protects your blacktop and extends the life span of your asphalt by preventing damage caused by water or sun. Sealcoating applies a dark black surface to your current asphalt and refreshes the look of your residential or commercial property. These are some of many reasons why you would want to sealcoat your asphalt at least once every two years, especially in El Paso where the temperatures during the summer are constantly a three-digit.

Let our team of professionals assist you on your next sealcoating project. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectation.

Why Spend Money on This?

Your asphalt is not an expense but an investment and it requires maintenance. Just like a car needs constant maintenance, your asphalt needs care to extend its lifespan and prevent future-unexpected expenses.

Hmm, Still Not Sure, Tell Me More…

Sure. Other than protecting, refreshing, and extending the life span of your asphalt it will fill cracks and/or holes. This will cause water to infiltrate in the asphalt structure causing it more damage to it in the short term. Also, if your asphalt has had any recent patches or fixes, it will cover completely just like if it never happened. Also, the parking, traffic, and handicap lines will stand out!

Ok, Let’s Do This, so What’s Next?

Glad to hear this. Fill out the contact form  or call (915) 276-3935 or (915) 276-3914. The Supervisor will stop by to meet you in person and talk about your project’s needs. Based on this, a project timeline will be created followed by an estimate. Upon agreement, the project will start and the Supervisor will guide you and answer any questions you may have on any of the project phases.  

Sealcoating in Action