Crack Fill

Asphalt ages and deteriorates over time. Cracks eventually begin to form and as part of the maintenance plan, must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent water through and under the asphalt. This will cause eventually more problems to your asphalt, causing what was originally a small expense to a considerate amount.

Crack fills are inexpensive. Taking care of the cracks on your asphalt on time will extend the life span of the pavement. Also, cracks may bring you liability issues including trip hazards, flat tires, and among others. Crack fill is the best way to extend the time before the costly reparations start.

Let our team of professionals assist you on your next striping project. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectation.

What Exactly Causes Cracks?

There are many factors that contribute to the forming of cracks and here are some:

  • Weather (Sun, Rain, Plow, Snow)
  • Poor Quality of Material
  • Earth Natural Movement
  • Traffic
  • Poor Maintenance History
  • Quality of Foundation

Ok, Let’s Do This, so What’s Next?

Glad to hear this. Fill out the contact form  or call (915) 276-3935 or (915) 276-3914. The Supervisor will stop by to meet you in person and talk about your project’s needs. Based on this, a project timeline will be created followed by an estimate. Upon agreement, the project will start and the Supervisor will guide you and answer any questions you may have on any of the project phases.