Asphalt Repair

Some ways to tell if your asphalt need repair includes potholes, alligatored areas, or wheel depressions. Depending on how damaged your asphalt is, it may need surfacing milling and repairing, or worst case a full-depth excavation and renovation from the ground up.

Check your asphalt and act early before it is too late. Remember that your asphalt is one of the first impressions to your clientele. Keeping your asphalt in optimal condition helps you save costs in the long run. Don’t forget that something small such as cracks and potholes may rapidly become a bigger problem.

Let our team of professionals assist you on your next asphalt repait project. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectation.

Our Expertise in Asphalt Repair

Borderland Seal Coat and Striping has the personnel, tools, equipment, and years of experience to assist you with your asphalt repair project. Whether the project requires a few pothole repairs, some patching, or major “surgery”, we are confident that we will deliver the best solution to you. Our staff is very professional and we don’t cut corners.

Ok, Let’s Do This, so What’s Next?

Glad to hear this. Fill out the contact form  or call (915) 276-3935 or (915) 276-3914. The Supervisor will stop by to meet you in person and talk about your project’s needs. Based on this, a project timeline will be created followed by an estimate. Upon agreement, the project will start and the Supervisor will guide you and answer any questions you may have on any of the project phases.